The Storm

The water looks calm, but a storm is brewing. The light fades as the clouds consume the sky. I find solace in the darkness. I welcome the change. It’s comforting to know, that at this moment, I am brighter than the sky. There is a calm before the storm. There is a stillness as the energy grows. Wind begins to blow and waves begin to crash. A climax ensues and energy erupts. Some find it scary. I find it exhilarating. I am free to dance in the rain. To feel the raindrops bounce off my skin. To gasp as the wind hits my face. Its literally takes my breath. The storm wont last long. It never does. The true beauty shines through after the storm has passed. Its the resilience of having survived. Coming out on the other end stronger. I’m learning to enjoy the storm. This is my life.


Photo credit: Julie Moore

selfie person water


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