What Everyone Should Know About Military Caregivers


This is what a group of caregivers looks like. We look just like you but the struggles we face on a daily basis are very different. We often suffer alone in silence as we do our best to be the thread that holds our families together. Our warriors left us as one person but came home as someone very different. What we once knew as normal is now just a memory that we wish we could relive. We have had to figure out our “new normal”, often alone and sometimes scared. We put on a brave face daily, for our warriors and our families, but often times the moment we are alone and have the time to take a deep breath we break down. It’s exhausting to try and do it all, but we do it. We do it all and we do it without complaining. We are grateful. We are grateful to still have our warriors with us. We are grateful to still have a piece of the memories of what our lives once were. We sacrifice. We sacrifice a little of ourselves daily. We do it willingly. We don’t want pity. What we want is compassion. Some days are harder for us than others. On those days, we just need a friend to acknowledge our struggles. Caregivers are strong, mighty and fierce. Caregivers are all Warriors in our own way. This is our journey.

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