Free flowing and Effortless

Sitting on a rock watching the water flow down the river. Feeling weightless as I watch the reflections of the trees shimmer on the water.

The water moves effortlessly through the rocks below. A constant flow moving all in one direction. The water hits an obstacle and it simply moves around it without a hesitation. It’s like watching the present become the past. Each droplet of water will never be in that same place it just was.

I feel the breeze kissing my cheeks as it makes the leaves on the trees dance. The leaves are rustling as the birds sing an original song. They sing so freely while the crickets chirp and the dragonflies buzz around without a care in the world.

A plane flies above. Its a welcomed sound as it faintly comes, gets very loud and then slowly disappears. My focus is back on nature.

I close my eyes and try to be present in this moment. As the wind flows past me it takes some of my stress with it. Its almost as if the wind is a shower that is washing my stress away. The wind is blowing in the opposite direction of the river flow….but there is no fight. They are are happening at the same time but the have honor and respect for their differences. The smell of the river water brings back memories of childhood.

Its a reminder of how life should be. Free flowing and effortless.

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