True Beauty

True beauty.
It is in front of us if we would only take a moment to recognize it.
Too often I completely overlook what is close enough for me to touch.
I move too quickly though this world. I treat life as a race.
I need to slow down.
It’s time to bask in the sunlight that shines down through the breaking clouds. Feeling the warmth on my face as I soak in the beauty that consumes me.
Its time to touch the rainbow that appears out in the distance. Ponder the majestic colors that show themselves only under the right conditions.
It’s time to watch the leaves dance as the wind breathes life ever so softly around them. Swaying my body with them as I become one with nature,
It’s time to breathe in the fragrance of the flowers, Inhaling the energy that they produce.
It’s time.
It’s my time.
It’s my time to bloom.
I am shedding my old ways.
I am rewriting my future.


Photo Credit: Jim Chapman


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