An Old Rusty Fence

rusty fence

An old rusty fence.
The secrets it must know. A witness to years of memories that it cant tell.
Was it put there to keep things out or to hold them in? Probably a little bit of both.
Protection was its purpose. It served us well.
Many years ago it was shiny and new. That is where most see the beauty.
The newness faded as it aged.
The smooth, shiny silver that glistened in the sunlight turned to bumpy, dull rust that people fear.
But is it any less worthy? Is it any less useful? Why is old seen as ugly and bad?
Now with corrosion and the break down of materials, most just see it as something that needs replacing.
Most see it as trash.
But I, I see it as wisdom.
The situations it has observed are countless. It holds treasures unknown to most.
It has been climbed on. It has been leaned on. It has stood strong for many years through wind, rain and snow.
It has survived.
Renovation and replacement may be coming soon. But is it necessary?
Is it worth losing what it holds?


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