A Reminder Of How Blessed I Am

front seatLast night when I got home Brandon asked me how my day was. As I told him, he went on to ask if I reminded myself of the blessings we have in our life and wanted to make sure that I didn’t allow the stress of the day to overshadow those blessings.

Then this happened.

This morning I saw my homeless veteran friend Joe. He had some pretty bad cuts in his face. When I asked him what happened he told me he got jumped on Sunday. They hit him repeatedly over the head and in his face with a broken bottle. I remain faithful God is watching over him and that he is moving in the right direction.

Last Friday when we talked he told me that he had ordered his DD214 but that he needed to send a signature page to them in order to process it. He was going to do it at the library but they won’t let him in anymore without any identification. His ID got stolen one of the other times he got jumped. I pulled up his email on my phone and forwarded the email to my email box. I had him sign a paper and faxed it for him on Friday.

Others are looking out for him too. Today he told me that “some guy” picked him up yesterday and took him to order his birth certificate and that man paid for it for him as well. I want to thank a certain FB friend who contacted me offline to tell me that she remembered reading my post about Joe and that she saw him and gave him some $. When I saw Joe the next day he told me that you stopped and talked to him and gave him some cash. He said “she told me I’m a friend of Courtney”. He was grateful.

I also want to thank my other FB friends/family for their donations that I have been able to hand out to Joe and others that I come in contact with. I attached a picture of the front seat of my car. This is how I drive around all week. With supplies for the homeless loaded in my front seat.

As we move through this holiday season please remember those that are less fortunate than you. Do something for one of them. Your small gesture can make a huge impact.

I continue to pray for the homeless. I pray for Joe’s safety until he is able to pull himself out of his current situation.

We are blessed people. Don’t ever forget it!

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