On A Mission…. #onesandwichatatime

It started one day a few weeks ago as I was driving to work. I work in an urban area. I work on the south side of Chicago. As I came to a stop light I couldnt help but notice a homeless man on the corner. He had a sign that read “Homeless Veteran”. I immediatley started digging in my purse. I found two single dollars and pulled up a little closer to hand them to him. He was grateful. As I got ready to pull off, I looked over to the passenger seat and my eyes locked on my lunch bag. I suddenly felt compelled to give my sandwich to this homeless veteran. This man served his country and fought for my freedom. The least I could do is give him my sandwich. Every day since then I make an extra sandwich every morning to pass on to someone in need.

Meet Joe.


As you can see Joe is one of the many homeless veterans in America today. Joe proudly served his country and fought for the USA in Afghanistan. With his permission I am posting his picture to put a face to the realism of homeless veterans in this country.

This morning on my way to work I came across Joe as I was stopped at a red light. We had a very nice (brief) conversation where I asked him his name and where he served. I thanked him for his service and asked for his permission (which he graciously gave me) to take his picture and tell his story. The conversation ended with me giving Joe a sandwich and him saying “thank you mam and God bless you”. I promised him that if he sees me in the morning that I would have a sandwich for him. A promise I fully intend to keep.

What if every able person made a sandwich a day and gave it to a homeless person.  Imagine the impact it would have on hunger for litterally pennies a day.

What will you do today for someone less fortunate? Please share Joe’s story and help me shed some light on the homeless. You never know how you could make a difference!

Lets make this story go viral.

I am officially naming this campaign #Onesandwichatatime!!!

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